Commercial Decision Making In Manufacturing Businesses

Duration: A One or TwoDay Course

In this course, which is aimed at both financial and nonfinancial staff in manufacturing businesses, we look at the importance of ensuring that all decisions are taken with the ultimate commercial goal in mind.

The old management techniques are now ineffective because of the fastmoving environment in which we find ourselves.

The course considers the move towards net zero and the commercial effects of climatebased decisions on the commerciality of the organisation.

Using a businessbased simulation, delegates quicky realise that all decisions within the organisation are in fact financial, even if they are taken by engineering, sales, production or purchasing staff, and it is vital that they understand the overall effect on the business of those decisions. Decisions based around net zero have many financial and commercial implications.

Through a competitive simulation exercise which incorporates many team building features, members of the whole organisation will be brought together in a commercially positive way.
The course enables delegates to take capital investment, marketing, research, and production decisions and put them into practice in a manufacturing environment. It is all very hands on.

Contribution analysis and maximisation will be understood through a series of practical exercises and delegates will take away techniques which will enable them to make immediate improvements that will have a positive effect on the results of the organisation.
The life blood of the organisation (cash) becomes part of every decision, no matter which department is looking at it.

This course is relevant to anyone in a decisionmaking role within an organisation and not just finance staff. It will enable delegates to look at the business in a different way and make better decisions regarding new and existing products, along with marketbased decisions.
The oneday course covers the overall decisionmaking process and introductory techniques, while the twoday course enables us to look in much greater depth at the decisionmaking process and consider a wider range of possibilities.
Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is king.” Alan Miltz


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