Quickly Increase Profitability With Little Or No Investment

Duration: A OneDay Course

Assessing profit or loss per product or service should be dead in the modern world and managing the organisation in this old way will result in poor decision making. Why then do so many organisations continue to use the old ways?

The old management techniques are now ineffective as a result of the fastchanging environment in which we find ourselves.

As all organisations must plan to move towards net zero’, becoming more effective through the better use of scarce resources will no longer be an option it will become a requirement, and effectively changing the way an organisation operates will be the difference between success and failure.

Resources that have been plentiful and relatively cheap will take on a new importance as the true cost of consumption is reflected in the price, assuming they are available at all.
This course enables delegates to identify the limiting factor in their organisation and to maximise the returns on that factor and, therefore, for the organisation as a whole.
Using a mixture of theory and practice, this course will enable delegates to produce both short, medium and longterm benefits for the organisation.

Contribution analysis and maximisation will be understood through a series of practical exercises and the delegates will take away techniques which will enable them to make immediate improvements which will have a positive effect on the results of the organisation.
True effective use of limiting factor techniques has never been so important as the business climate changes as well as the actual climate.

This course is relevant to anyone in a decisionmaking role within the organisation and not just finance people. It will enable delegates to look at the business in a different way and make better decisions regarding new and existing products and services together with make/buy decisions.


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