Manufacturing Awareness

Duration: A Two-, Three- or Four-Day Course

Manufacturing is difficult, and that is why so many companies shy away from dealing with this sector. Get it right, however, and manufacturing clients are among the most loyal to their advisors and consultants.

This course is designed for any organisation working with or hoping to break into the manufacturing sector and benefit from the advantages of dealing with manufacturing clients.

It is also suitable for manufacturers who wish to give their teams a full understanding of how all the parts of the business should fit together to produce optimum results.

During the course, particular attention will be paid to the current issues affecting manufacturers. These include, but are not limited to, all issues around the move to ‘net zero’.

It will be of great value to those in the banking, insurance, financial services and consultancy professions, as well as organisations based in both the public and private sectors working or wanting to work with manufacturers.

Day One looks at the specific issues relating to the manufacturing sector and how advisers can break into or gain more clients in this sector. We look at specific techniques which will give you the edge with manufacturing clients.

Day Two enables the delegates to put into practice what they have studied on Day One by running a manufacturing company and to see how the knowledge they gain will give them an advantage when speaking with clients in this sector.

Day Three (optional) includes a factory visit to enable delegates to practically utilise the techniques they have studied in the previous days and assess the factory as they would if looking at an existing or new client.

Day Four (optional) looks at modern manufacturing techniques and how modern manufacturing businesses are using them to increase productive effectiveness.

At the end of this course you will be able to speak much more meaningfully to manufacturing clients and will have discovered how to quickly and easily extract the information that you will need to provide them with products and services that not only help them but build loyalty between both parties.

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