Selling to Manufacturers


Why Is Manufacturing Different?

In many ways all businesses are the same, but manufacturing is one of the most complicated and fastest moving areas of the economy. Good manufacturers are seeing change as the only way forward as they face the challenges of AI, Sustainability, Net Zero and severe skill shortages.

More than in any other sector manufacturers need to feel that their advisers understand the environment in which they operate.

Why Should Advisers Take A Different View To Manufacturing?

The speed of change as outlined above presents both threats and opportunities that require good advisers. There are many consultancies and assisted schemes to help with R & D and the move toward energy reduction and Net Zero but the one area that really matters to any company is maintaining or increasing cash flow and profitability during times of change. Here, good advice is hard to come by. There is therefore a huge opportunity for good advisers in the financial services and financial advice sectors in the manufacturing space.

How Does This Course Help

The Winning Margin simulation enables delegates to actually run a manufacturing company and at the same time discuss the problems encountered and the solutions that they can offer.

What Is Winning Margin?

This version of Winning Margin is a business simulation specifically designed around identifying opportunities to sell financial. Managerial and consultancy services to manufacturers. It allows up to four teams to run a manufacturing business. The team not only has to make decisions about what to make and sell in their own business but also how their competitors in markets around the world might react. At each stage opportunities for the adviser to help the manufacturer and provide services will be discussed.

What Type Of Business Would Benefit From This Winning Margin?

So far we have run this course for banks, insurance companies, accountants, legal firms and financial advisers. It is suitable for anyone giving advice and selling services to the manufacturing sector who wishes to increase the competency of their staff and also increase fee and sales income.

What Are The Objectives Of Winning Margin?

To understand the problems facing manufacturers in the modern business environment and to provide solutions to them.

Companies will find that following this course staff at all levels will be able to speak in a more knowledgeable way to manufacturers thus increasing trust, client loyalty and hence fee and sales income.

Who Would Benefit From Winning Margin?

Anyone at any level in your organisation, as the purpose of the simulation is to not only get people to work well as a team but to enable them to appreciate what different parts of the organisation do and why.

How Long Does The Simulation Last?

We have one, two and three day courses depending upon your availability and budget. The longer courses go into much greater depth and allow for more planning by the teams but huge benefits can be gained from a one day course but the longer the course the greater the benefits.

The course requires a day length of a minimum of eight hours (including breaks).

How Many People Can Take Part?

We need a minimum of ten and a maximum of twenty people. We can accommodate larger groups but these courses take longer to organise. If you have a large group you would be better off splitting them over multiple courses as we find the delegates achieve more that way however courses for up to forty people are possible.

What Sort Of Feedback Do You Get?

Here are a few quotes from people who have recently attended the course:

  • By Far The Best Training Course I have Been On
  • A Real Eye Opener To See How It All Translates To The Numbers Especially When You’re More Used To Focussing On The Engineering
  • For me, it highlighted all of the considerations that go into business decisions, from market awareness/forecasting/product planning right through to production planning/adhering to contracts.
  • It gave a whole new perspective to business I had never fully considered
  • Incredibly useful to show the effect of decisions that are universally seen as “the right thing to do” but how it can negatively impact a P&L. I think there is tonnes of value to be gained.

How Much Does Winning Margin Cost?

That depends upon the number of people attending, the number of days over which the course is run and the facilities that the client is providing.

If you would like a quote please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed cost breakdown. However, to give you an idea a one-day course normally cost between £100 and £150 per person plus VAT and expenses.

Sounds Great, How Do I Find Out More?

Please use our contact form and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.



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