Effectiveness Before Productivity In the Working Environment – Why Efficiency and Productivity Should Not Be Your Goals But Effectiveness Should
Duration: A One-Day Course
“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.” – Peter F Drucker
Many courses are based on being efficient leading to an increase in productivity and in many
cases are combined with time management techniques for productivity improvements.
Productivity and efficiency are not bad objectives per se, but they are all about doing what
we do better and in the fast-moving modern business environment this should no longer be
our main goal. Effectiveness is about doing what we should be doing in the best way
possible leading inevitably to an increase in profitability.
As well as profitability ‘net zero’ will become a target towards which all organisations must
move, becoming more effective through the better use of scarce resources will no longer be
an option – it will become a requirement.
Using a combination of techniques this course enables delegates to be more effective in
their work and to enable the organisation to be more effective and hence more profitable as
a result.
Effectiveness is especially important in the modern, rapidly changing environment where
organisations which react rapidly will win.
Using a mixture of theory and practice, delegates will be able to see how they can rapidly
make improvements to both their own working and to that of the organisation.
This is a practical course which enables delegates to immediately implement simple
improvements which will have a massive and immediate positive effect.
Not only will this result in happier less stressed employees but a more effective organisation
with the results being reflected positively in the bottom line

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