Effective Plumbers Don’t Mop Floors

There’s a well known cartoon showing a person frantically mopping the floor as the sink overflows. It is obvious to everyone but the person with the mop that the effective thing to do is to turn off the tap. That’s why effective plumbers don’t mops floors.

Whilst we can all see the joke and the solution when presented with the problem this way, put us back into our natural environment and we forget all about it and get out the metaphorical mop. Let’s bring in the consultants:

The productivity ones will find ways of getting more water shifted by each mop.

The efficiency people will find ways of moving the mop around using less energy but:

It’s the effective one who ignores productivity and efficiency and simply but effectively turns off the tap.

Of course we should pay attention to productivity and efficiency and they are important but now you see. Effectiveness – why productivity and efficiency are no longer enough.

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