Effective Time Management And Control

The problem with so many people and businesses is that they dedicate large amounts of time and effort on things over which they have no control. At the end of the day there are some things you can control and most things which you can’t. Effective time management and control involves only those things that are capable of being controlled by you.

The war in Ukraine is very worrying as is the cost of living, energy prices, interest rates and many of the policies of government, but if I spend time on them I am just wasting my time. I can’t control them. Far better if I look at my levels of consumption, reduce the energy I use, reorganise debt and accept that any positives I get from the government are just good luck.

This is very much the attitude of the Stoics and is an amazingly effective method of increasing the time available to do useful things. Just think if you took all of that time spent around the “water cooler” attempting to put the world to rights with your colleagues and did something useful with it. Half and hour per day spent on things you cannot control such as worrying too much about the news or debating the rights and wrongs of who won “I’m A Celebrity” translates into 182.5 hours per year or put another way nearly eight days. Which would you rather have another weeks holiday or the frustration of worrying about something you can’t control?

Stop worrying about those things you can’t control and suddenly you have a huge amount of time available to do whatever you really want to. It’s not a question of too little time, it’s a question of allocation.

If you can’t control it, then just let it go. Easier said than done, but effective.

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