Effectively Trained Employees Can Leave But Do They Want To?

The problem with good training is that it makes employees more attractive in the market place and we all know there is a massive skills shortage. The logic therefore is that if you want to keep your employees then don’t train them and they won’t leave. The trouble is that they will stay in their untrained state and you won’t attract anyone for whom personal improvement is an objective. You will end up with the “we’ve always done it that way” brigade.¬† If that happens you will drop further and further behind. Effectively trained employees can leave but do they want to?

The answer depends on you. Create the atmosphere where they feel and actually are valued, give them purpose, relate to their objectives and pay a sensible wage and most will stay. If they do leave then you have done your best and at least when you come to replace them you will have the reputation of being an organisation that looks after employees and ensures they are properly trained and listened to.

Strangely enough when times are hard the first thing to go is often training. The second thing to go (not so strangely) are all the good employees. If you effectively train your employees you will end up will a better, more loyal workforce who have the incentive and desire to help you when things get tough. Don’t train them and just treat them like disposable resources and don’t be surprised when they treat you the same way.

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