Five Effective Skills AI Can’t Replace

AI is on everyone’s mind at the moment. How many jobs will it replace and how many people? Will you or I be among them? AI can be very effective but not with everything. Here are five effective skills AI can’t replace.


Enthusiasm can be infectious. Enthusiastic people make anywhere a better place to work. They are the ones who look for the positive and can pull others along with them. AI can’t do that.

Going The Extra Mile

Good AI will help you with whatever you want but only according to the limits set on it. A human going the extra mile will often come up with the result that is remarkable Why Being Remarkable Is Effective and that can often make all the difference.

Team Working

A great team, working well together is a power house. The ability to bounce ideas off each other, to think the unthinkable and to bond to solve a common problem is where the most imaginative solutions are found.

The Ability To Bring Out The Best In People

Great leaders have a certain something. It’s one of those things that is almost impossible to define but easy to recognise. People follow great leaders and those leaders bring out the very best in  others. AI has a long way to go before it can do this.

Being Empathetic

The only way you can understand and share the feelings of others is to have feelings yourself. When dealing with people or coming up with new and improved products and services a degree of empathy with the customer or your colleagues is critical. The best leaders and managers have empathy. To truly understand your customer needs you must have empathy with them. Great businesses and individuals understand this. It’s a skill few people exhibit well and so for the foreseeable future AI stands no chance here. People buy from people is an old but nonetheless effective policy. Organise your business so that your people have and show empathy to your customers and you have cracked it.

The interesting thing is that none of these skills require any form of qualification. You can’t get an MBA in enthusiasm or a PhD in empathy. Increasingly AI is replacing the skills and knowledge that are able to be defined, examined and easily evaluated in a quantitative way. Maybe the biggest skill that AI can’t replace is the ability to do well the things that can’t be defined or examined. At last, it’s time to rethink our outdated and ineffective education system Why Teaching Isn’t Effective

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