How To Effectively Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

The days of being a big fish in a small local pond are gone, never to return. Whether as individuals or organisations our competition is worldwide thanks to the joy of the internet. If I want to buy goods then suppliers across the world are just a click away. When it comes to services then apps like Fiverr and remote working in general means that in many cases geographical location is irrelevant and the marketplace for even the most mundane good or service is worldwide. Specialists are also easy to locate. We all need to ask how to effectively stand out in a crowded marketplace.

You could of course spend a fortune on marketing with no guarantee of success and as there will always be plenty of people with much bigger budgets than you this is not an effective way to stand out. Even if you have the budget it’s not effective if there is nothing behind the story.

If you really want to stand out then do the following:

1.Show that you are a thought leader in your area. Present your story in an original, authentic way and don’t mingle with the crowd. Propose original and effective solutions to problems and don’t just go with the flow.

2. Be aware of the ideas of others. In the blog How To Effectively Get More Good Customers we considered the importance of listening to employees and not just customers or even worse shareholders. Pay attention to what is happening at competitors and also in other, possibly non related industries. Is there something in a non related field that you can bring to your area?

3. Draw your ideas from a wide range of areas. Attend seminars and conferences (even if they are not in related areas) and draw ideas from them. It’s never been easier as so many are available online rather than requiring a physical visit. This might not be seen as an efficient use of your time but just one idea that you can use to change your industry or profession will be highly effective.

4. Once you have something to say, make your voice heard. It’s never been easier. Blogs, Social Media, Self Published Materials etc. Ensure you don’t hide your light under a bushel. If nobody gets to hear you then you can’t stand out – you are just another face in the crowd if you don’t have a voice.

5. Constantly adapt. The world is in a state of continuous change. Adapt and stand out.

6. Be REMARKABLE and do REMARKABLE things. This means doing things that people will remark upon. Being remarkable and providing a good or service that is remarkable is the only way forward. Ask yourself now “what is remarkable about you, your product or service?” Answer honestly and if it takes you more than ten seconds to come up with the answer then it’s time to change. Why Being Remarkable Is Effective

In a world of average to stand out in a crowded market place you must above all else be remarkable.

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