How To Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace

In an earlier blog Why Being Remarkable Is Effective we looked at why we have to look to being different by having a product or service that is remarkable and what that means. Now we can use that to see how to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Being productive and efficient is becoming easier and easier as a result of automation and AI. The problem is that these tools are available to everyone anywhere in the world. It’s the same as when personal computers became available. Early adopters with money took advantage of the benefits they could derive from new technology but very soon the price fell and everyone was playing on a level field. The benefits disappeared as everyone had the same tools, but as with all tools the true advantage is in knowing how to effectively use them.

The same is true today. It’s not what you produce or what service you provide that sets you apart. It’s not even how efficiently or productively you produce it.¬† It’s the ability to effectively use that product or service to enable your client or customer to achieve their objective. Here are five effective ways to stand out in that crowded marketplace:

  1. Make sure you form a good personal relationship with your customer or client. AI can’t form relationships. This takes time but will pay many dividends in the future.
  2. Make sure you understand why your client needs your product or service. By effectively solving the real problem rather than just using what you have in the toolkit you will stand out. No more here’s the answer what’s the question solutions.
  3. Ensure you understand what your client / customer actually does. No more lazy “tell me about your business questions” instead study them first and show you have taken an interest by asking more knowledgeable questions. This will also help you with number 4 below.
  4. Propose other things that will help your client achieve their objectives. This will be particularly effective if you can make suggestions outside of your own area and where you have no vested interest (other than to help your client / customer)
  5. Keep up with changes that affect your client / customer even if they are not in your field. These will often give you the opportunity to open discussions and at the very least will show that you have an interest in the wider industry. If that’s the case you will certainly stand out.

All of the above is as relevant to employees and job seekers as it is to suppliers and advisers. It shouldn’t be the case but all five suggestions are remarkable in the current marketplace.

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