Why AI Is Nothing New

One of the advantages of being of “more mature” years is that you have already seen many things. Desktop computers, personal computers, spreadsheets, the internet and all manner of things have made their appearances during my lifetime. Long before my time during the Industrial Revolution we had the steam engine, the spinning jenny and mule and many more and even earlier than all of those we got the printing press. All of these prove why AI is nothing new.

Every major invention that comes along does one thing and one thing only, it replaces lower and average jobs, tasks and people but does nothing to eliminate the remarkable. The typewriter replaced scribes but did not replace poets, the word processor replaced typists but not playwrights and ChatGPT will replace average bloggers and authors but not those who are truly original and remarkable.

Probably the only difference between AI and most of the rest of the items is that it replaces “professions” rather than “trades”. This is a new experience for so called “professionals” and you can hear the screams. Schools and Universities want to ban the use of AI – why? This is stupid, it’s the same as  the attempt to ban the pocket calculator when I was at school. Banning a tool that was in use in the real world did nothing for education and just delayed the time when pupils would need to use it. It did however, mean that average and poor maths teachers could exist undiscovered for a while longer. Exceptional and remarkable students will still produce exceptional and remarkable work with or without AI  but average students will only be able to produce work at or below the level of AI. This means there is no need to teach average stuff to average students and a whole industry (average education) will disappear just as the typing pool was replaced by the personal computer and Word. Average doctors, radiologists, accountants, solicitors, designers, photographers, and so on will be swept aside in the same way as so many tradespeople were in the past. But in the same way that there is still a healthy demand for highly skilled and imaginative carpenters, potters, artists carpet makers and live musicians there will still be a market for remarkable “professionals”. The smart phone was the death knell for many average wedding photographers but for the exceptional ones all it has done is increase demand.

AI will do what technology has always done, eliminate the average and below. If you want to protect your career or your business then you must make it remarkable Why Being Remarkable Is Effective and then all will be well in the same way that it always has been. That’s why AI is nothing new.

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