How To Get Back On Track Effectively Part 2

In Part 1 How To Get Back On Track Effectively Part 1 we recognised a problem. Now in how to get back on track effectively Part 2 we look at the plan for the solution.

Any work can be divided into categories as follows:

Immediate Income Earning Work – vitally important as there is no future if we can’t get past the present.

Immediate Non Income Generating Work – unless this is a statutory requirement it is the lowest category and should eventually be eliminated.

Work To Enable The Future Objective To Be Achieved – the most important as it is only this that will enable the achievement of the ultimate objective. Whilst it is impossible to dedicate all time to this it is vital that sufficient time is set aside for the future. Unless you work for the fire service nobody has ever been successful by putting out fires. Successful people and organisations plan to ensure things don’t catch fire in the first place.

Looking at the future objective work based on projects I need to complete to achieve my objective I have calculated that I need to dedicate a minimum of 1.5 hours a day to these projects. They don’t generate any current income but they are the only way of moving forward. As a “one man band” purely swapping time for income cannot be the ultimate objective and so investment now is required.

Understanding that this is a requirement is a step forward but does not solve the problem. Once you have identified the amount of time you need to work toward your objective then  the only way to achieve it is to block the time out and use it effectively. If you want to know how, then please look at some of our time related blogs such as The Simplest Time Management System Ever or A Change Of Priority Will Always Release Time

Using the amended version of  the Twelve Week Year outlined in How To Get Back On Track Effectively Part 1 this should enable the first set of objectives to be achieved.

In the next blog we will look at how planning using the Twelve Week Year method enables more to be achieved quickly.

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