Why Do Bad Managers Hate Work From Home?

Why do bad managers hate work from home? We have recently heard many managers objecting to their staff working from home. The most recent of these is Jacob Rees-Mogg a man whose ideas of work are firmly based in the industrial revolution and have never moved on.

So why do so many managers hate work from home? The answer is simple. Bad managers have always judged people on their input not their output. Working long hours and “pulling all nighters” are easy and lazy ways of assessing an employee’s commitment to the business.

The problem for managers is that working from home is all about effectiveness. Employees can organise their day according to the best way of getting the job done. So long as we have the output by the deadline what does it matter when the work is done or how long it takes?

Answer – It doesn’t.

Bad managers fear giving away control. If employees can organise themselves and still produce the output then why do you need a manager?

If employees are incapable of organising themselves or are just taking advantage of being out of sight then it is a management problem that needs to be solved not by nineteenth century control but by twenty first century leadership. The problem with too many managers is they are not good enough. Bad managers control, they don’t lead.

This brings us to one simple conclusion.

It’s not work from home that should be the question. What we should be asking is what function do the managers provide and are they really necessary in the modern organisation?

As with most things, a new perspective is required.

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