Why Interviews Are Not Effective

When recruiting, most organisations will rely heavily on filtering from cv’s followed by the interview possibly backed up by a series of aptitude or other psychometric tests. If this is standard practice you may well ask why interviews are not effective.

Type the search “how to do well in interviews” into a search engine or social media and you will get bucket loads of advice on how to impress at an interview. The truth is that only jobs that involve interviews such as reporters or podcasters need people who are good at interview. The rest of us need people who can do the job. As AI increasingly takes over what we need are people who are remarkable at what they do Why Being Remarkable Is Effective The way to find remarkable people is to give them something to do to enable them to express their talents and skills and that’s why interviews are not effective.

In the previous blog Five Effective Skills AI Can’t Replace we looked at some of those areas that are becoming increasingly valuable. Next time you are recruiting try and put together some tasks for your candidates to do that help you chose the remarkable ones rather than the ones who interview well or do well at tests.

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